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"With her patient understanding and calm presence, Crystal Rose is a very engaging and positive music teacher. What originally started out as guitar lessons has grown into a deeper exploration of music through voice lessons and songwriting. I fully credit this expansion of both my guitar playing technique and my musical creativity to her skills as a teacher. After each lesson I feel inspired and excited to keep practicing what I have learned as it carries me over into my week. I am so happy to have found her and highly recommend Crystal Rose as a music teacher.

Megan L. (Guitar/Voice)

What I Offer:

  • ​Vocal Technique

    • Focus on flexibility, stability in registers, letting go of excess tension in the body

  • Vocal Guidance when approaching a song

    • Keys, expression​

  • Specialties in Folk, Soul, Jazz, Pop, R&B

  • Guitar technique and exploration

    • Focusing on getting to know the guitar​

    • Mastering moving through chords, scales, strumming, and playing through music

  • Songwriting

    • Writing- lyrics, harmony, structure​

    • Singing and playing

    • Crafting and expressing

  • Production

    • Guiding students to record their music  (ex. GarageBand, voice memos, Logic or Protools)​

  • Theory and Ear Training

    • Hearing notes, scales, feelings in musical space, ​basic site reading, notation, piano, and music language

  • Early Childhood Music group classes and lessons

  • Have worked with ages 3-80 !

I teach voice from the perspective of finding a balance between breath, body, and sound, developing strength and flexibility, releasing tension, and finding one's unique expression! I work from the teachings of Somatic Voicework, body awareness practices, and my studies with many various vocal coaches, an Alexander Technique coach, a Feldenkrais practitioner, and a speech therapist. I teach guitar and beginning piano as well, and believe it is helpful to work on voice and guitar together to develop the ability to fine tune musical hearing capacities, and grow in novel and creative ways.  I  love helping songwriters develop their own music, whether they are just starting out or having been writing for a long time and need some 3rd person guidance. Songwriting can be done without any ability to play another instrument! Our voices are powerful. I help my students identify harmony, song structure, develop lyrics, melodies, rhythms, and musical charts. We can also work on recording and song production in a DAW.

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