crystal rose

artist - songwriter - musician

I teach Voice from the perspective of finding a balance between breath, body, and sound, developing strength and flexibility, releasing tension, and finding one's unique expression!


I teach Guitar as well, and believe it is helpful to work on Voice and Guitar together to develop the ability to fine tune musical hearing capacities, and grow in novel and creative ways.


I absolutely love helping songwriters develop their own music, whether they are just starting out or having been writing for a long time and need some 3rd person guidance. Songwriting can be done without any ability to play another instrument! Our voices are powerful.


Teachers in my life have been extremely important to my development as both a person and musician. I have had the privilege of working with students from ages 5-50, and I continually strive to be an adaptive, supportive, quick-thinking, and constructive teacher. It's important to me that my students feel comfortable, and supported.


I have worked with different teaching companies in New York, have traveled to teach music lessons, and also have extensive experience as a nanny.  I love being able to be a music teacher! My students are my priority and I work to help them find their individual voice, grow in their musical confidence, develop technique, and a deeper understanding of theory and ear training. My style specialties include Jazz, Folk, R&B, Pop, and original music.

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