crystal rose speros

artist - songwriter - musician

Crystal Rose Speros is an artist, singer, educator, and songwriter whose recent musical explorations have been rooted in the idea of branching out and expanding in subject and sound. Crystal Rose will release her first full length album spring of 2021. Crystal Rose works to give space for musing on the realities, layers, and mythical aspects of feeling.

In regards to the people she collaborates with she says, “I just want everyone to have a good time. The more comfortable, the more honest. Truth of feeling is what music and art is about.”

In her role as an educator, she aspires to always provide the tools necessary to help her students grow. She has learned the value of support and guidance through her education with musicians such as Nick Hakim, Jamie Leonhart, LaTanya Hall, Claudia Acuña, Scott Kettner, Kevyn Lettau, Glen Fisher among others, and during her time earning her BFA in Jazz and Contemporary Music from the New School. Crystal Rose currently has private students in voice, songwriting, and guitar.

Crystal Rose released her EP “Summer Shoes” in February 2019, and plans to release a full length album  in 2021. She was able to be a supporting and featured vocalist on Kevyn Lettau's most recent tour in Manila, Philippines during September 2018. This was especially impactful for Crystal Rose because her mom is from Pampanga, Philippines. In January 2020 she visited an elementary school in Pardes Hanna, Israel, where she was a guest speaker. The class performed their class songs for her, and she shared her love of singing and songwriting with them. Crystal Rose has been a 3 time visiting guest artist at her alma matter high school in San Diego, CA, where she explored songwriting exercises with classes, shared her process, and spoke about the importance of creative writing and music as an outlet. 

Crystal Rose started singing with her mom in Filipino karaoke restaurants and in the church. When she reached junior high school, she met bassist Glen Fisher. Through a scholarship with Fisher's First Friday Music Club, Crystal Rose was able to take guitar and voice lessons, as well as perform in many venues and events around San Diego, CA. She grew up learning the ropes of performing in "Revolt-age", a rock and roll/soul cover band which consisted of her friends and FFMC students including Jake Nuffer (the solo artist and guitarist of Fashion Jackson with whom she still collaborates). She moved to NYC in 2015 and has performed in various venues around the city in jazz, singer/songwriter, and R&B settings. Her focus is on developing new music of the mingling past, present, and future.

“A song is un-sculpted time; it’s your chance to say what you want to say"- Crystal Rose 
HerCampus NYU interviewed by, Hannah Song, 2016.