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original sounds and expressions

by, Amanda Cotton-Johnson

Crystal Rose works to give space for musing on the realities, layers, and mythical aspects of feeling in her debut album “It’s Raining in Here”. A few close friends worked on this album with her, recording mostly in Brooklyn apartments and sending mixes back and forth over the internet waves. Crystal Rose grew up in San Diego, CA, learning the ropes of performing through singing in cover bands around town from age 13, and the spiritual aspects of music through her mom’s musical culture in the Philippines. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY where she pursues growing in new artistic adventures, recording, collaborating, and teaching.

In her role as an educator, she aspires to always provide the tools necessary to help her students grow. She has learned the value of support and guidance through her education with musicians such as Nick Hakim, Jamie Leonhart, LaTanya Hall, Claudia Acuña, Scott Kettner, Kevyn Lettau, Glen Fisher among others, and during her time earning her BFA in Jazz and Contemporary Music from the New School. Crystal Rose currently has private students in voice, songwriting, and guitar. She also has worked with elementary and high school students in the classroom setting,  leading them through songwriting exercises, and helping them learn to make music collaboratively.

Crystal Rose released her EP Summer Shoes in February 2019, and released her first full length album It's Raining in Here on July 16, 2021. She was able to be a supporting and featured vocalist on Kevyn Lettau's most recent tour in Manila, Philippines during September 2018, and has had extensive experience working as a background vocalist with various local to Brooklyn and San Diego artists. Crystal Rose has been working as a band leader and band member since she sang in the San Diego local cover band, Revolt-age, starting at 13 years old. 


Her focus is on developing music of the mingling past, present, and future.

“A song is un-sculpted time; it’s your chance to say what you want to say"- Crystal Rose 
HerCampus NYU interviewed by, Hannah Song, 2016.

Please reach out via the contact menu option if interested in my production work. Will send over production samples.

Thank you!

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