it's raining in here


Origin: Brooklyn

Genre: Alternative


it's raining in here.

it has been and it still is. during the time of writing this album, I've dived into what makes me who I am and it's this, that it's raining in here and has been for so long, but I still keep growing, and so do the people around me, and this city I get to call home. I muse on the generations before me and my heritage in the Philippines and how it connects me to my mother. despite struggle there is a deeper connection than we can fathom. This album muses on her and that connection. It also is a place where I have allowed myself the space to be sensitive. Because I am. And it's often held down because it has to me. And sensuality and what that means. That's in this too.

I had some amazing friends contribute to this album and I couldn't be more thankful and full of love and pride in this work. Without them it wouldn't be the same. It's raining in here and it always will be but we're doing this.

it's raining in here
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