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it's raining in here

JULY 16, 2021

It's Raining in Here Album Cover.png

It's raining in here and has been for so long, but growth still happens, in myself and the people around me, and in this city I get to call home. I muse on the generations before me and my heritage and how it connects me to the world. There is a deeper connection than we can fathom. In the space of this work lives sensitivity, webs of the inner and outer worlds, and self-reflections.


I had some amazing friends and loved ones contribute to this album. I couldn't be more thankful and full of love and pride in this work. Without them it wouldn't be the same!

Crystal Rose- songwriter, recording, co-producer, vox, guitar, keys

Guy Paz- songwriter, recording, co-producer, drums, percussion, bg vox

Andrew Forman- producer, recording, mix, master, bass, keys

Louisa Rosi- background vox

Itay Goldberg- flute

Jake Nuffer- guitar

Dan Weisselberg- cello

Katy Rea- recording

Sukhi Kanniks- animation loop "it's raining in here"

Annique Monet- album cover 

"The song (Pancit) has an excellent bass line, background keyboards that support the melody, which has excellent harmonies caused by the protagonist's voice and the charming backing vocals that accompany her (responsible for the also great Louisa Rosi). What an excellent job. Track the size of Alicia Keys and even J-Lo in early 2000s R&B." (translation)

HipHop Paranoia

“You blend vocals with electronics in a very interesting way. What comes first in your music? Lyrics or music? Tell us a few things about your creative process. The electronic part of the vocals was a lot of fun- it’s mostly me singing through a guitar wave pedal. The first time I tried it out, drummer Guy Paz turned the dial on the pedal while I improvised background vocals over some of the songs. Andrew Forman added on some reverb and sounds during his mixing process. As for my writing process, I think everything stems from improvisation.”

“La fusión de los elementos electrónicos con los acústicos y la honestidad de su voz lo hacen un proyecto imperdible.”

("The fusion of electronic elements with acoustics and the honesty of her voice make this an unmissable project.")

“Uma coisa que podemos ter como certa, é que já fazia muito tempo que aparecia uma artista que pudesse fazer frente a nomes como Loreena Mckennitt ou Enya.”

(“One thing we can be sure of is that it's been a long time since an artist appeared who could stand up to names like Loreena McKennitt or Enya.”)

“It’s Raining in Here es una apuesta disonante, que nos saca de lugar y nos sumerge a un mosaico de experiencias y sonidos del que no sabemos cómo regresar. Su dinamismo, el diálogo entre elementos y los conflictos que presenta nos abstraen y sumen al interior de ellos. Tanto así, que después de escucharla, nos es imposible saber si está lloviendo adentro o afuera. Abajo está el play.”

("It's Raining in Here is a dissonant peice that takes us out of place and immerses us in a mosaic of experiences and sounds from which we do not know how to return. Its dynamism, the dialogue between elements and the conflicts it presents abstract us and submerge us inside them. So much so, that after listening to it, it is impossible to know if it is raining inside or outside.")

Find No Enemy

“With a little help from her friends, she's collaborated to create an art pop album that's bound to blow you away. Crystal's ethereal falsetto is an absolute benchmark, a focal point for the album to steer itself around.”

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