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 Out now!

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 “…it’s like Crystal Rose actually knows our minds and wrote her songs based on them. And now, the sensitive queen of Brooklyn is back with a new single to make us fall a little more in love with her and her music, ‘Thought I’d Say.’” The Honey Pop (2022).


Crystal Rose works to create musical work that links genres and subject matters of interconnectedness, the human voice, ancestry, the every day and the extra. She grew up in San Diego, CA, performing in rock/soul cover bands since the age of 13, and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Spiritual and personal expression are integral to her work, learned through her experiences with her mother’s musical culture from the Philippines. 

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original sounds and expressions

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"Thought I'd Say" video premiere on The Honey Pop!

ANEW album cover.tif
ANEW album cover.tif

Anew EP out Winter 2022!

Listen to singles from the project here

It's Raining in Here Album Cover.png

It's Raining in Here (2021) is out on all streaming 


It's Raining in Here Album Cover.png
Working on Myself Still.jpeg

Delving into generational trauma, deep love, reflection, and mental health, Anew is emotionally charged as it is cathartic, making Rose a top contender for an artist you must watch in 2023! The Daily Listening 2022

"Thought I’d Say,” sounds to my ears like Steely Dan-meets-Patti Austin – a sophisticated, smooth and hooky song with just a little hint of jazz. (Trivia note for music scholars: Patti Austin had many hits and was one of six backup singers on Steely Dan’s “Babylon Sisters)." Two Story Melody 2022.

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