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where the flowers grow pt. 2 


in the imaginings of loved ones who have gone,

the ancient woods and the sea,

childhood longings, brave friends

skateboarding down dead end streets

and sharing what matters,

the seedlings grow

pt .2


wind gusts and social media

leave cracked fingers and Bossa Nova

friends leave the city and 

dollars stashed in the drawer

you open the old journals

all the different rooms, beds, and floors

and start to realize

look at your palms,

a sunflower, a star

crystal rose speros

My Story

my voice, body, and its inspirations have morphed and grown through experiences, friendship, traumas, and difficulties, and I really feel that my current works are helping me uncover truths about my musical voice and what I'm supposed to be doing/sharing.

where the flowers grow pt. 2 is the sequel EP to where the flowers grow pt. 1, to be released in the spring of 2024.


I am applying to the New York Foundation of the Arts Women's Fund for Media, Music and Theatre in seek of support to record, produce, and share my EP where the flowers grow pt. 2 at Dying is Done studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

pt. 1 is a statement of my musical voice and new found commitment to the acknowledgement and acceptance of who I am and who I will be in this world. it is my first project where I really feel like I can say, 'this is the most honest musical offering I can share at this time, and I am so excited to get to do this. this is who I am'!


pt. 2 holds a lens to my experience as a young woman playing pick up sticks in search of a purpose, and fighting with the societal norms of pushing, grinding, and achieving. after graduating from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music I was told, "if you have time, you can make music, but first you have to make a living". I saw my peers from middle to upper class families investing in their records and taking out "loans" from their parents, getting jobs to be "cool", and going "home" during the height of Covid 19. A sense of bitterness began to stew and in this new EP, where the flowers grow pt. 2, I will explore what really matters to me, and my constant journey to let go of comparison.

in pt. 1 I created guitar and drum based tracks with flute, clarinet, synth, voice, percussion, and bass layers. I plan to include all of these elements plus strings and more voices in pt. 2. my mentor Nick Hakim's first releases were two related EP's, and those two projects have been great inspiration to me in planning where the flowers grow pt. 1 and where the flowers grow pt. 2.

singing freely is something that has been passed down to me through my mom. singing is how she found her way from the Philippines to America. the community I found from performing around my hometown from 7th grade onwards helped to shelter me while I was houseless through 10-12th grade, and eventually get me through college at The New School. I met my best friend Sahara while singing in my community. playing music is something that I do because it is something I have to do to get things out, and it is a beautiful part of the culture that raised me.

I am so excited to get to make this music, and I am so thankful to get to live in this city where I have been able to experience life-changing music, collaborate with amazing artists, and grow into becoming one with my sound.

Thank you for reading and supporting!



I'm happy to speak about this project! Please feel free to reach out.


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